We had many reasons for feeling that we needed an advocate in our IEP meeting.  We had a general idea of how IEPS worked, but felt uncomfortable with our limited knowledge about the school system services.  We were concerned that our child might suffer negative repercussions at school due to our efforts or lack thereof.  We needed someone who knew the 'territory'.
CDM Advocacy was a good match for us.  Maxine and Kathy provided us with fair representation.  Their many years in special education gives them an excellent basis from which to advocate.  Their 'tag team' approach in which they both attend meetings was invaluable.  Maxine and Kathy brought professionalism and direction to our meetings and helped us develop a positive working relationship with the school.  The end result is that our child will finally receive the assistance he needs and he is now positioned for success.  We are absolutely SURE that this would not be the case had we not had their insight and support.
                                                   Greg and Joan W
I had serious concerns regarding my son's ability to graduate from high school.  Maxine and Kathy helped my son by making sure he had all the support he needed to successfully graduate from high school and attend college.  I believe that their ability to assist kids like my son helps them prevail and succeed.
                                                              Dianne T.
Our concern was that our son was 'twice exceptional' and was not getting the services he needed.  Maxine and Kathy attended several 'transition' meetings and IEP meetings.  They were calm, capable, knowledgeable, and successful.  My son had a seamless transition into high school and is getting the services he requires.
                                                                                  Jim and Dee K