About Us
Maxine Cohen and Kathy Dowd

We are career special educators with 63 combined years of experience in the field of special education.  We started our advocacy practice after retiring from the public schools in 2009.  Quickly bored with retirement, we have embraced the challenge of helping parents navigate the maze of special education in schools. We have expertise in all areas of special education from preschool to young adults in transition.
Our goal is to help parents create a sustaining, positive, successful relationship with the schools while securing the necessary services for their children.

Quick Bios
Maxine F. Cohen, M.Ed. - Advocate

*  31 years special education teaching
*  17 years Department Chair for High School
*  Extensive knowledge of eligibility process
*  Experience and expertise in all disability areas
*  Professional  memberships: CHADD, CED, LDA
*  C.A.G.S. (Certificate of Advanced Graduate
Studies) Consulting Specialist
*  Regionally recognized for contributions to community
programs for transitioning adults through JCC
*  M.Ed.  Special Education- University of Massachusetts
*  B.A.  Psychology - Boston University
*  C.A.G.S. - Lesley College of Cambridge
*  Parent of special needs child

Kathy J. Dowd, M.Ed. - Advocate

*  32 years special education: preschool through
high school
*  Experience with all areas of disability
*  Experience and expertise in case management,
program design, and the IEP process
*  Experience as educational diagnostician,
program and program coordinator
*  Lecturer - University of Virginia Graduate
*  Lecturer - Catholic University Graduate
*  M.Ed. Cognitive Psychology and Learning
Theory - Catholic University of  America
*  B.S. Education of Exceptional Children -
Pennsylvania State University
*  Parent of special needs children

Margaret A. Madsen - Business/Operations
M.Ed. Mathematics - University of Virginia
*  B.S.  Mathematics Education - University of Virginia